LED Wall Pack mounted by the wall

Wall Pack Wisdom: The Bright Choice to learn about Wall Packs

Ever wonder what those bulky, dense blocks of fixtures are that you sometimes see in commercial spaces or outside office buildings? Some might even say they aren’t fashionable during the day, but they certainly stand out for good reasons. Today, we’ll explore why the design of wall packs leads to a subtle yet robust form that differentiates them from traditional LED fixtures.

Unique Shape of LED Wall Packs

LED wall packs come in distinctive shapes that are designed to optimize light distribution. You would see different designs like the Forward-throw Wall Packs which, as the name suggests, feature light distribution at the front of the fixture. Essentially, wall packs are condensed LED fixtures focused on lighting specific directions, the counterpart of LED area lights that blast a wide aura and energy to wherever they are assigned. You could say LED wall packs are gentlemen compared to the likes of LED area lights and LED flood lights. If there is one feature from wall packs that are unique from the rest, it would be the ability to illuminate a wide area with minimal light spill. Additionally, many LED wall packs have sleek, compact profiles that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings they illuminate.

Full Cutoff and Design Variations

One of the notable features of LED wall packs is the availability of full cutoff designs. A full cutoff wall pack is engineered to direct light downward and reduce upward light spill, making it compliant with Dark Sky regulations. This design minimizes light pollution and glare, creating a more environmentally friendly lighting solution. Full cutoff wall packs are ideal for applications where controlling light direction and reducing light trespass are critical.

Other design variations include semi-cutoff and forward-throw models. Each design serves specific lighting needs:

  • Full Cutoff: Ideal for minimizing light pollution and adhering to Dark Sky compliance.
  • Semi-Cutoff: Offers some light control while providing broader illumination.
  • Forward-Throw: Maximizes coverage area, making it suitable for large open spaces.
Matt Black Wall Pack fixture installed on a drywall
Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack
AALED Black architecture Wall Pack fixture installed on a drywall
Architectural Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack
Black Forward Throw LED Wall Pack fixture installed on a drywall
Forward-Throw LED Wall Pack
Black Security Wall Pack fixture installed on a drywall
LED Security Wall Pack

Where Wall Packs Get Their Name

The term “wall pack” originates from the design and placement of these fixtures. They are typically mounted on the exterior walls of buildings, “packing” light into specific areas that require illumination. The “pack” in wall pack signifies the compact and powerful nature of these lights, which are designed to deliver substantial light output from a relatively small fixture. 

Practicality Outdoors

LED wall packs are specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are constructed with durable materials in mind to resist weather damage and light collisions such as debris, hail, and heavy rain. The design of the wall pack itself reminisces the concept of a turtle where the outer layer protects all around from the fragile bits from blunt damage to scratches. 

Though LED Wall Packs are generally reliable, you should always keep key pointers in mind to select the right wall pack product in the market.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Wall Pack

When selecting an LED wall pack, several factors should be considered to ensure you get the best performance for your needs:

1. Lumen Output: Choose a fixture with the appropriate lumen output for the area you need to illuminate.

2. Color Temperature: Select a color temperature that matches the desired ambiance and visibility requirements.

3. Energy Efficiency: Look for wall packs with high energy efficiency ratings to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

4. Durability: Ensure the fixture is rated for outdoor use and made from high-quality materials.

5. Certifications: Check for certifications like UL, DLC, and Dark Sky compliance to ensure safety and performance standards.

Wall Pack mounted on the side of a building as the only light source in the dark

LED wall packs are the premier choice for outdoor lighting if you’re looking for a subtle fixture that focuses on lighting specific angles and directions. Whether you need to enhance security, comply with Dark Sky regulations, or simply improve visibility around your building, LED wall packs provide a versatile and effective solution.