Woman moving down the street in a retail strip with a post top light in the middle

Guide to Outdoor Lighting

What do you see in this photograph?

Perhaps it’s the light silhouetting the dense layers of trees, or the darkness surrounding your peripheral vision, almost threatening to overtake the light, making you wonder what lies beyond. It’s haunting, is it not? It feels unsettling because you end up in your thoughts, endlessly guessing what is there. Maybe you try to fill the void with what you infer from your experience in a forest: bushes, plants, maybe animals. Animals waiting or watching your every action. For some, the darkness is frightening, exciting, mysterious, curious, adventurous, or full of nothing…

Since our ancestors discovered fire, we have been obsessed with lighting every corner of our civilization. From directing air traffic through landing strips and using lighthouses to prevent boats from hitting the shore, to equipping automobiles with LED headlights, we understand how important the brightness of our surroundings is to prevent accidents and dangers from what we cannot see. From fire to electricity, we invented lightning in a bottle, a static light source that is reliable, resourceful, and shining, so we can communicate and signal with one another synchronously. What better way to communicate than the fastest perception that is light, instantaneous and flashy?

Before mentioning our surroundings of lights, you may have been unaware of how much lighting affects our way of living. Lighting is an expected commonality in today’s age that we’re desensitized to recognizing lighting fixtures, but they are always there. My hope for this blog is to introduce different lighting fixtures and help you better understand or even identify them, to be more knowledgeable about these amazing inventions around us.

Identifying Common Outdoor Commercial & Retail Lighting

Woman moving down the street in a retail strip with a post top light in the middle
Post Top Light in retail strip with cars moving in the picture

Post Top Lights

Commonly mounted on poles and located along roadways, pathways, parking lots, you name it. Post tops are designed to be placed in high areas to illuminate large spaces without blinding your eyes in the process. Cinematic and comforting, these lights help accompany many of us through our journey from A to B.

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Area Lights

Area lights are essential for illuminating large spaces, providing safety, security, and convenience. Common applications include parking lots, campuses, and other expansive outdoor areas. When choosing and installing area lights, consider factors such as brightness, energy efficiency, and durability.

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Flood Lights

Flood lights are designed for high-intensity lighting, making them suitable for sports complexes, large outdoor events, and building exteriors. Their powerful beams cover wide areas, ensuring maximum visibility.

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Bollard Lights

Commonly found as landscape lighting, illuminating pathways and blocking entry of automobiles in busy pedestrian roads, bollard lights are bulky, in-your-face fixtures that are atmospheric compared to other exterior lights you may find out there.

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Wall Packs

Wall packs are crucial for building exteriors, offering benefits such as enhanced security, improved visibility, and aesthetic appeal. When selecting wall packs, prioritize durability, energy efficiency, and appropriate brightness levels.

Learn More regarding Wall Packs

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Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are ideal for outdoor living spaces such as porches and patios. They create a welcoming ambiance and highlight architectural features. Selecting the right lighting involves considering color temperature to match the desired mood and setting

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Lighting: A Breakthrough In Lifestyle

Think about how much has changed in just two centuries since the invention of electricity and lighting in 1802. Our lifestyles have evolved from going to bed at dusk to expanding our lives through the ability to travel and explore the past beyond the limits of the sunlight.

By recognizing the different lighting fixtures outdoors, I hope you can begin to appreciate the attention to detail fixtures handpicked by professionals. These fixtures are chosen with considerations determined functionality, safety, and the atmospheric tone they impart on both commercial and residential spaces.

Every lighting fixture is placed with careful consideration of functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. These decisions go beyond meeting practical needs; they also shape the atmospheric tone, aiming to enhance the experience in both commercial and residential areas.