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Linear High Bays: Don’t Let the Name Fool You

Imagine a world where your gym isn’t a dimly lit space of confusion. Picture a retail space where each product is displayed with vibrant clarity. Envision a warehouse floor bathed

Woman moving down the street in a retail strip with a post top light in the middle

Guide to Outdoor Lighting

What do you see in this photograph? Perhaps it’s the light silhouetting the dense layers of trees, or the darkness surrounding your peripheral vision, almost threatening to overtake the light,

Interior view of an office with LED Architectural strips suspended from the ceiling

The Benefits of 0-10v Dimmable Lights

When it comes to LED products, 0-10V dimming is a widely used feature for controlling the brightness of fixtures in all kinds of situations. The element’s addition of provides a


Our Most Valuable Class 2 LED Driver

In the world of LED lighting, the most valuable player is the power supply driver. This little device quietly works behind the scenes, turning regular electricity into the perfect LED